About Us:

Sunset Post & Beam has been in the construction and real estate business for three decades. After being involved in the development of thousands of acres of land for homes and recreational purposes we ran across the Sand Creek Post & Beam company and decided we had to be a dealer for this barn. The quality and look of this barn is was something we had to be involved with.

Sunset Wood Barns’ focus is on historic authenticity, quality, preserving the environment and customer satisfaction. Each barn is the embodiment of America’s rich history, tradition and heritage using the same barn styles our forefathers erected, the rough-cut full dimension wood materials they would have used and the thousands of year’s old timber framing construction techniques handed down by generations.

Custom Sizes & Styles

Based on authentic, historic barn designs, we offer the most popular standard sizes and styles for our structures. However, we do not restrict our customers and force them choose a “cookie cutter” barn from a list. Instead, we allow each customer to choose the size and style they really want from which we custom design their dream barn. Custom Designs – Our barns are designed with an emphasis on big wood. Massive timbers form the load-bearing frame of these deceptively simple and sturdy structures. Because the walls are not load bearing, timber frame (post and beam) construction provides the ultimate in flexibility of design. With our own CAD department, we provide custom-design services that typically only an architect can provide to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for each customer – from the charming garden shed to a large commercial building. In addition, these designs can be engineered to meet your local building code specifications.

Authentic Wood Materials

Sand Creek Post & Beam uses full dimension (6″x6″ is a full 6″x6″), rough cut wood responsibly harvested from areas closest to our facilities (Ponderosa Pine, Eastern Red Cedar and Southern Yellow Pine). While these indigenous wood species are most economical, you may choose other species if desired. Full dimension, rough cut wood is what was commonly used in historic old barns and gave them so much character. We avoid using smaller lumber yard dimensional lumber, plywood or OSB which can detract from the authenticity and aesthetics of the structure. The result is a beautiful rich look not only on the outside, but especially the inside. The photo to the right is a comparison of lumber yard wood (on the left) vs. our full dimension wood (on the right), using a 6×6, 2×6, 1×6, and 4×4. The difference is dramatic using only 4 pieces for comparison. Just think of the difference in an entire barn!

Traditional Timber Frame Construction

Like the cathedrals and barns of days gone by, our barns are built using traditional timber frame construction. Today’s technology has allowed us to offer ¼” custom-designed steel joinery plates to make each joint even more secure. Because the timbers (posts and beams) forming the frame of the building carry the weight of the structure, interior space can be left open or divided in almost any way imaginable. Timber frame construction offers superior strength with the warmth and beauty of exposed wood.

Environmentally Friendly

Sand Creek Post & Beam has a deep concern for the environment and protection of the land. Not only do they want their barns to last for generations, they want to help ensure healthy forests and a clean environment as part of their lasting legacy. To that end, we promote new growth and healthy forests, we do not use toxic chemicals to treat our wood and we continually look for new ways in which we can contribute to this important endeavor. Construction Services – While our customers are always free to find their own builder (or build it themselves), Sand Creek Post & Beam offers customized construction services. From a construction guide and answering questions by phone, to on-site consulting, to complete turn-key construction services, each customer may choose how they want to complete their Sand Creek Post & Beam structure.

The Sunset System

The Sunset Wood Barns system is the perfect blend of customization with pre-manufacturing. We take each customer’s one-of-a-kind custom barn design and pre-build the complete frame as well as handcraft each window, door, and cupola in our plant facilities. Once completed, the frame is disassembled and everything is packaged, labeled, and sent to your property providing the convenience, quality control, ease of construction and economies of a pre-manufactured structure (just like the barn kit companies of 100 years ago). To complete the Sunset Wood Barns’ system, select the customized construction services that are right for you for a traditional wood post and beam barn that will enhance your property and provide years of enjoyment for generations to come. The barn you really wanted, the way you envisioned it, the quality you expected – at the best value available – the Sunset Wood Barns system.