Learn About a Timber Frame?

What is a Timber Frame and Why You Should Consider Building with One?

Learn about a timber frame with Sunset Wood Barns. If you’re thinking about building a house, a cabin, or a barn, one option you might want to consider is a timber frame.  For centuries, timber framing has been the building method of choice for those seeking a structure that is not only beautiful but also built to last.

Timber framing was used by the Ancient Greeks and Romans and traces its roots back to early Scandinavian buildings. Today, North America is experiencing a resurgence in timber frame construction as homeowners and builders recognize the many benefits and design options that timber frames offer.


But what exactly is a timber frame? Read on for all the facts you need to know about this popular construction style and why you should consider building with one. 

What is a Timber Frame

Timber framing is a style of building that takes its inspiration from centuries-old European architecture. 

Today, timber framing usually refers to post-and-beam construction in which the heavy timbers are precisely joined together using wooden pegs or large metal bolts. The frame members themselves are often quite large — up to 12 inches in width — and they are often exposed in the interior space, which creates a beautiful aesthetic effect.  The resulting structure is a rigid framework that supports all of the weight of the home’s roof and walls. This keeps the outer walls free of load-bearing function, which maximizes interior space for design flexibility.

Why Should You Consider Building With Timber Frame

You might be asking yourself: Why should I consider building a timber frame home?

Here are some reasons why you might want to consider building your next home with timber framing:

Timber Frames are Energy Efficient

A well-designed timber frame creates an “envelope” around your living space that offers airtightness and high insulation. Because timber frames are typically made from large pieces of wood with fewer joints, there is less opportunity for air to leak through the walls and ceiling.  This helps heating and cooling costs by making it easier to heat and cool larger spaces, as well as by reducing the amount of surface area and exterior openings to heat and cool.

Timber Frame Homes Are Beautiful 

With timber frame construction, you get an exposed wooden frame on the inside of your home that gives it a unique character. The exposed wooden beams and posts create an open, spacious feel inside the house and a comfortable, natural look on the outside. A wide variety of finishes can be applied to the timbers inside and out, allowing you to customize your home to fit your unique style! 

Timber Frames are Extremely Strong and Durable

Timber frames are more than just pretty; they’re strong. The strength of the interlocking timbers means that your house will withstand heavy loads and the elements, like earthquakes and high winds, better than other forms of construction. Since timber frames are made from solid wood and have no thermal bridges (weak points in the construction where heat can escape), they tend to last longer than other types of homes. 

Timber Frame Homes are Environmentally Friendly

Wood is a renewable resource, and timber frame structures require less wood than traditional structures because they use fewer studs and joists. Timber frames can also be recycled or reused when a structure is demolished.

Build A Timber-Framed Home or Barn—It’s Far Better! 

There are many types of timber frame homes, from cozy cottages and barn conversions to luxury mountain retreats. If you’re interested in any of these, Sunset Wood Barns can help! Our Sand Creek Post and Beam barns add an original farmhouse flavor to your property with a rustic look that will last for generations.  We specialize in building custom pole barn homes and barns with living quarters.  We can also convert an existing barn or other structure into a home. Whether you’re looking for cabins, lake homes, family retreats, hunting lodges, or workshops, we can help.  Use your imagination and call us today to help you make it happen!